Why Adrien Brody?

Why am I a fan of Adrien Brody? 

Well, let’s begin with the most obvious part: his talent. He is, to put it simply, an incredibly gifted actor.

He’s a perfect blend of character actor and leading man. He’s versatile to a chameleon-like degree (watch Dummy and Predators back to back and you’ll see what I mean). He completely immerses himself in his work. He becomes his characters and loses himself in that moment. Yet he retains the charisma and recognizability of a “movie star,” as well.

Gifted actors and movie stars are rarely the same people, it seems. Adrien Brody is both.

He draws you in, then makes you care deeply about what’s happening on screen. You can feel it. The emotions and situations become very real for the audience. That is his gift.

Then there’s the persona. I would say personality, but since I don’t know him personally, I’ll go with the word persona (which is to say: his public personality).
Adrien exudes both confidence and humility in equal parts: a shy cockiness, somehow. He’s friendly, yet guarded. His persona says, “I love everyone… but don’t piss me off.”

His eyes can convey both sadness and joy in the same expression. I’m not sure how he pulls off this type of balance, but it’s very unique and admirable. And captivating.

That is just a part of why I am proud to call myself a fan of this man.

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