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Some of you may be wondering…

“What happens to this blog when you finish the filmography?”

Well, first of all, I hope Adrien Brody will remain active in the film industry in whatever capacity he chooses. At the present, he has taken a step back from acting, to focus on producing. If this blog becomes focused on things he’s had a non-acting hand in creating, then that’s okay.

There are also some films in the can whose releases have been delayed, such as Emperor and Air Strike (aka: The Bombing, or Unbreakable Spirit). If those ever come out, I’d be happy to discuss them.


Re-doing Older Posts

The first order of business around here — when I finally reach the end of what’s been released so far — will be to re-format some of the older posts. When I started this blog, I had no format for the posts, and they were sort of… stream of consciousness. Ha ha. Some were essay length (and intensity), some were less than complete thoughts. Now, I’ve developed a format, with the sections titled, “Adrien’s role,” “what I liked,” “what I didn’t like,” etc. So, I hope to go back and fix the older posts, so they match the newer.

Related Posts/Articles

I can also do things like: analyze why he works so well in period piece movies. Or, discuss his best comedic moments, times he played real people, anniversaries of films… that sort of thing. In short, this won’t become just an archive.

Besides, I’m only about half done, so it’s not going to be a problem too soon. 😉